Papa’s Burgeria

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 2/26/2023


Papa’s Burgeria is yet another addition to Flipline Studios’ famous restaurant series. The theme of this game is specifically for burgers, and you’ll be flipping patties, adding ingredients, and doing whatever it takes to make the perfect burger for your customers in order to satisfy them. Build on your own burger empire as you maintain the best quality of serving and attract more customers!


Interactive Burger Cooking

Like all of the other Flipline Studios’ cooking games, Papa’s Burgeria offers an interactive cooking experience that’s visually appealing and fun to do. You’ll be receiving orders that you have to cook in the exact order provided. Cooking patties is no easy game either as you’ll have to evenly cook both sides in accordance with how a customer likes it. If you overcook, you’ll have to take a hit on your overall rating and the tips you receive.

Different Levels

As your skills improve, you’ll be serving more and more customers simultaneously and you’ll have to work with multiple burgers on the same grill. To be able to push out orders in time, you’ll have to keep multiple tickets in mind and cook each of the patties accordingly. The game continues to get harder with each level, and you’ll truly have to become a master chef if you hope to master the art of burgers.

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How to Play

Playing Papa’s Burgeria consists of three fundamental principles that you’ll need to master. There are three stations, the Order Station, Grill Station, and Build Station. Customers will be showing up at your counter and you’ll have to jot down their orders by going to the order station. Tickets can then be viewed in the Grill Station.

At the Grill Station, you’ll have to cook the patties depending on the customers’ preference. Some might want it rare, others would want it medium, and so on. Flip the patties every now and then to avoid overcooking one side. Hover over the patties to see the percentage each side has been cooked to.

Once your patties are cooked, you can go to the Build Station to put in different ingredients as required by the ticket. Keep in mind that you’ll have to put them in the exact order mentioned on the ticket.


Papa’s Burgeria offers a seamless restaurant management experience. You’ll be managing orders and constantly be on a time crunch in the later levels. If you’d like to really challenge yourself on the grill, you might want to go up until Day 5 to see how well you do.