Raft Wars

Author: Pablo Todd
Date: 10/10/2022

Raft Wars

Raft war is a fun, interactive, and colorful shooting game created by Martijn Kunst. It was made as a flash game, but this HTML 5 version can be enjoyed on any P.C. and mobile web browser.

The game center’s around Simon, a little boy who discovered treasures worth a fortune on a beach. Now the news of his discovery is out, and some devious enemies want the treasure for themselves. It is left to Simon and his brother to use what they have to defend their treasure.

Raft war is a level-based game fit for all ages. It has an engaging storyline that has won many fans worldwide. You can enjoy cool epic battle scenes and funny dialogue in this quest to protect the newly discovered treasure. You will face enemies from pirates to gangs, Vikings, and other challenging opponents throughout the game.

Unlock cool upgrades to your weapon and raft to give you a better chance of winning the game.

How to play Raft Wars Online?

The rules in Raft Wars are simple— protect Simon’s treasure by knocking out enemies with grenades and other cool weapons at your disposal. The game starts with you fighting against pirates with only a tennis ball shooter. You unlock more powerful weapons with your coins as you go further in the game.

One tip to keep you on top of your game is to wear down the health of your opponent’s raft so they could fall into the water.

You can play Raft Wars alone or with other players in multiplayer mode. Use your mouse go to drag and shoot your opponents for P.C. players. When playing on a mobile device, swipe in the direction of your opponents to take shots.

Ready to help Simon defend his rightfully earned treasure? Hit play to begin!