Snake Game

Author: Josefina Myers
Date: 10/9/2022

Advertisement is a multiplayer game developed by Kooapps in 2016 as a downloadable mobile app game. Later on, it became available for both P.C. and mobile web users. It has a perfect interface to relax and unwind while stimulating your mind in this subtly competitive game.

Snake.Io is a creative combination of your typical classic snake games with Modern fun features. If you are a fan of Slither, you’d so find this game exciting. The game starts with your game being barely a little worm as you navigate it to the position of foods across the screen to get it bigger. Being a multiplayer game, you can compete against friends or other players worldwide. Try to make it to the top of the leaderboard.

How to play Online? is somewhat a survival game as you help your little snake group into the biggest reptile there can ever be. However, achieving this goal will be easy as you’d have to avoid coining in contact with other snakes in the arena with the same purpose.

You grow your snake by feeding them a ball-like item. You’d find the spread across the arena. They are also produced when a snake collides head-on with the tail of another. In this situation, the balls are usually 10 points each.

The best way to reach your goal faster is to get other snakes to collide with your tail, resulting in balls. This can only happen when you become long enough, so first focus on eating the balls in the game arena.

As you grow your reptile, ensure you don’t collide with other snakes, or else it is game over.

Navigate your snake across the game area using the arrow keys or the WASD keys. Left-click on your mouse or hit the spacebar to move faster.