Temple Run 2

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 3/20/2023


Temple Run has been a fan-favorite for mobile gamers as they’ve tried to overcome the increasing difficulty of its challenge to run across the temple as they escape a giant demon gorilla. The goal? Accumulate as high of a score as possible by maintaining your streak and collecting coins to upgrade different abilities.

Endless runners have been around on mobile for quite some time, but if you had to go where it all started, then Temple Run is where you’d eventually come back to.


Upgrades and Power-Ups

During your endless run, you’ll be able to find several power-ups that make the job easier for you. This includes a magnet that will automatically attract all the coins you see toward you without having to lean in their direction. There’s the Invincibility power-up that everyone loves as it gives you a few seconds of breathing time. Of course, there’s the shield that allows you to mess up just once.

You can upgrade all of these abilities as well through the menu from the coins you collect during the runs. It’s highly recommended to upgrade them as they’ll be crucial in allowing you to run a longer distance.

Level Design

The maps that you’ll be running on are built to be dynamic with moving parts and pieces all around that make the world around you feel so much more alive. Levels will introduce diversity with changing themes as you get on a minecart, go down a stream of water, and much more. With active updates throughout the year to fit different holiday themes, the game manages to keep itself fresh when it comes to level design.


Nobody likes to play as Guy Dangerous for too long, and thus, if you manage to get yourself enough money, you can actually buy yourself characters. Each of these different characters has exclusive powerups that they can use. Character abilities can be activated once you’ve activated enough gold to activate a ‘green’ meter located at the top-left of your screen.

More Games

The endless runner genre has seen a ton of additions to it with different themes, characters, and level designs. The little innovations can really add a whole new layer to these different games, and therefore we definitely recommend you try out games like Banan Kong 2, Treasure Sprinter, Subway Surfers, and even Top Run.

How to Play

Temple Run 2 starts off slow and calm. If it’s your first time playing, the game will guide you through the basic controls.

On your mobile, you’d be tilting your screen to go left and right in order to collect coins. Swiping left and right will give you a sharp 90-degree turn should any of those come in front of you. Similarly, swiping up will make you jump, and swiping down will make you slide underneath certain objects. All of this is mimicked on the PC through arrow keys with respect to their directions.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s jump into game mechanics. For Temple Run 2, as your score continues to build up, the game’s pace will get faster and faster. You will have to react to objects on the screen at a much faster speed, and that’s where the game gets really fun.

Avoid colliding with small protrusions on the ground as that will bring the Demon Gorilla closer to you. When the Gorilla is right on your back, any mistakes from this point on will end the game. Falling into a pit, and colliding with obstacles will also result in the game ending.


Temple Run 2 has managed to stay as the OG for countless years. Give it a shot and try to unlock all characters if you can! Either way, it’s going to be a long run.