Dinosaur Sniping Game

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 3/27/2023


Dinosaur Sniping is an exciting, fast-paced game that lets you play as a dinosaur hunter in our world's distant past. You'll be equipped with a sniper rifle and scope, and it's up to you to choose your target and take them down! Take your position in an ambush and wait for dinosaurs to appear in front of you.

How To Play Dinosaur Sniping?

In Dinosaur Sniping, you play as a hunter from long ago. You are armed with a rifle with a sniper scope and have to aim at targets in the distance. To play, you must find a suitable terrain that gives you cover and an advantageous position for sniping.

Then wait patiently until dinosaurs start roaming around in front of you. Once they appear, you must quickly identify your target and catch it in your scope's crosshair. When ready, you can pull the trigger and fire a shot. If successful, you will hit your mark!

Game Control

You will use the mouse to aim and shoot to play the game. Your cursor will be your rifle's scope, so you must point and click it where you want to fire. You will use the left mouse button to shoot at targets. Your score will depend on how accurate you are with the aim and accuracy of your shots. So aim carefully!

Useful Tips While Playing Dinosaur Sniping

Here are some useful tips for playing Dinosaur Sniping:

  • Make sure to take your time and find the best possible position before you start hunting. Find a good vantage point with a clear line of sight and ensure no obstacles could interfere.
  • Use binoculars, if available, to help in scouting the terrain. This will help you to quickly spot any potential targets that might be in your range.
  • When aiming, always make sure to have a steady hand and don't rush the shot. Take your time to line up the perfect shot, as accuracy is key for successful dinosaur sniping.
  • Increase your chances of success by tracking the movement patterns of the dinosaurs. Pay attention to their movements and prepare for the right moment to shoot.


Dinosaur Sniping is a thrilling and exciting play experience that offers players an immersive journey back to the distant past!

Players will be armed with a powerful rifle fitted with a sniper scope and have to take up an ambush position to hunt dinosaurs. Dinosaur Sniping delivers a thrilling play experience with fast-paced action and intense skill-driven play!