Shell Shockers

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 3/4/2023


Well, not really, but Shell Shockers is an amazing casual First-Person Shooter that has just the right amount of fun to offer for someone passing by. It has multiple gamemodes to choose from, along with an active playerbase that makes finding a match extremely easy. The game offers you a loadout that you can pick from and head into a new or pre-existing game where you’ll be blasting your fellow players away.


Here’s the twist. You might think that Shell Shockers in and of itself is a very basic first-person shooter developed with simplistic graphics made to be accessible through a browser. You’re an egg. Yeah, they really meant the ‘Shell’ in their title quite literally.

You’ll be playing as an egg player model along with all the other players that will have the same thing as their character.


When you hop into the game, you’ll find that Shell Shockers offers you a total of 7 loadouts to choose from with 7 different guns right off the bat. Each one is suited to a different playstyle. You can go with an Assault Rifle, DMR, Sniper Rifle or a Submachine Gun, depending on your preference.

There’s really no limit to what you can do here, and you can fiddle around with different guns to see which one works for you the best in-game.


You heard that right, there are different game modes in the game; four to be exact. All of them are equally fun.

Free For All

The Free For All game mode is exactly what it sounds like. There are no teams, you’re just an egg all alone on a big map with nothing but your wit and your gun. Your goal is to rack up as many kills as you can by the end of the round in order to win.

Shoot anyone in sight, and you’ll be able to crack them open and add a kill to your scoreboard. Always make sure to use your grenade in a crowded area to steal a few kills for yourself.


Team Deathmatch has two teams; red and blue. Here, you won’t be playing alone and will have to work with your respective team in order to win the game. The objective for both teams is to kill members from the other team in order to get a higher score. Red teams will have red halos around their eggs and blue teams will have blue halos.

The game mode will allow you to switch teams if you like under the condition that the opposing team has fewer members. Also, you’ll lose the entirety of your kill streak, if you have built one up until that point, due to switching teams.

Captula the Spatula

Captula the Spatula is basically Capture the Flag. It’s a game mode that wasn’t part of the original game but was added eventually. Both teams will be tasked to get the golden spatula. Team work is the key here as getting the golden spatula won’t be easy.

Any player who acquires it will instantly become a hot target in the match and will be focused on. If a player carrying the spatula is killed, the spatula will be dropped and can be picked up by another person.

Should you see a teammate picking up the golden spatula, guard them with your life. If you pick up the spatula, then make sure to stick behind your teammates, away from enemy sights.

King of the Coop

King of the Coop is the latest game mode added to Shell Shockers. During the game, a spot will be marked with a black circle and a crown over it. This is labeled the coop, and players from either team will have to gain control over it through a war of attrition.

At the top, you’ll be able to see how many times either of the teams has captured the coop and a bar that shows whether the coop is currently in your team’s hands or the enemy’s. Takeover status will be updated accordingly should the enemy team wipe out your defenders and begin capturing it.

After a takeover of a coop has finished, the marked spot will move to a new location on the map. Should either of the teams reach a total of 5 captures, that team will be marked as the winner for that game. Winning members will receive a total of 250 golden eggs.


There’s not much in the way of customization except a hat you can equip on your egg, and the color that your egg can be. There are a total of 14 colors to choose from for your egg, out of which 7 can be bought using the game’s Golden Egg currency.

There are limited edition items in the shop as well that you can buy for a specific price. This includes gun skins, hats, and even skins for your grenades.

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It’s a fun experience, but not the kind where you’d be pouring a thousand hours into. If you’re looking for alternatives to spice things up then you can go ahead and check out, Merc Zone, Forward Assault, and more.

How to Play Shell Shockers

It’s not a traditional first-person shooter, so before you jump right into it, you might want to go to the top right and see what settings you can tinker with. We’d recommend changing the mouse speed as it was awfully high when we first played the game.

When you’re finally in the game, here are a few tips to stay alive:

  • The problem with being an egg is that you have a huge hitbox and can get sniped down easily if you’re standing out in the open. Always stay on the move and in a good position to be able to get kills.
  • Try out different guns and stick with the one that you know best. There’s an EggK-47, Scrambler, RPEGG, Crackshot, Whipper, TriHard, and Free Ranger. Switch between each of them to see which works for you.
  • Don’t spray and pray. Similar to CSGO, your accuracy is determined by your movement and how fast you shoot. Your crosshair is a good indication and will tell you if you start getting too inaccurate.

Final Thoughts

Shell Shockers is a fairly fun game to kill some extra time with. If you’re bored at work, all you need to do is open it up in your browser and start blasting away in one of its four different gamemodes. Truly eggcelent!