Fall Beans

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 3/4/2023


Fall Beans seems to present you with a more accessible way to play through the formula of Fall Guys: Knockout that everyone is so familiar with nowadays. Similar to the other game, you’ll find various drills and minigames while competing with several other players for the first position. If you can beat everyone in a series of different games, you’ll be able to progress forward and ultimately win the crown for the first position.


Multiple Minigames

You’ll find several classic minigames in Fall Beans from Fall Guys that include your temporary tile minigame, races with obstacles, and marked tiles that you have to stand on. All of them work on the same principle, and you have to survive until a specific amount of competitors have fallen down. Utilize your movement and avoid falling down as it will result in your immediate elimination. Don’t worry, however, as you can jump right back into another game and start winning!

More Games

If the amount of minigames in Fall Beans doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can try out similar games that offer the same experience although with a bit more diversity in its minigames. This includes Stumble Guys, Oopstacles, Fall Dudes 3D, and LOLBeans.

How to Play

Playing Fall Beans requires only one goal to be completed. To survive, and to finish the courses in front of you as fast as you can. Initially, you’ll be faced with a simple obstacle course that you have to complete.

Obstacle Course

All you have to do in the first part of the game is to speed through the swinging axes and avoid the closing gates to be slowed down. As long as you finish in the 10 qualifiers list, you’ll be able to move forward. However, if you delay yourself for too long, you will be left in the dust by other players and will have to start all over again.

Match the Tile

There will be two screens in front of you that will show you which tile to stand on exactly. Below you will be tiles that will flash their specific markers for an instance. Depending on what you see on the screen, you’ll have to stand on that tile.

Every round, the markers will change and you will have to memorize them each time. Just keep all the icons in mind and remember the ones that you’d like to stand on and are the closest to you. When the display finally shows where you’re supposed to stand, rush to that position as fast as you can to avoid getting eliminated.

Last One Standing

In this minigame, there will be various levels. Each tile will disappear after you stand on it for a second or two. Don’t stand on a tile for too long or you will fall to your inevitable elimination. If you have no choice left but to fall down, make sure you’re going to a safe spot and don’t descend too many levels as it will only lower your chances.


If you’re not looking to download Fall Guys on Steam, Fall Beans offers a more diluted experience in a more arcade-y sense. You can launch up games in almost an instant without any wait times and get right into playing the minigames to start winning!