Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 2/4/2023


BitLife is a text-based simulator that throws you into a world of your own making. Create your own character, name it and take them through the early stages of their life with decisions that you have complete control of. Depending on how you choose to play, your character will develop accordingly. For the most part, you can choose to be good, bad, or moderate. Build relationships or grow to be antisocial; it’s up to you!


Consequences and Multiple Paths

Every time you play, based on the answers you choose and randomly generated characters, you’ll have a different experience. That’s the beauty of the game. You’ll be starting with a character that has randomly rolled stats like appearance, intellect, and more. Based on how you start off, you can choose to work on your weakest links or ignore them completely.

How you act with your parents, friends, and with yourself will ultimately determine your life’s path and whether it goes to a more successful one, or down a dark rabbit hole.


While playing through different phases of your life, you’ll have the option to participate in different activities. In school, you can join clubs, interact with your classmates, and develop your own interpersonal skills. These activities will differ depending on your age, and where your character is currently. As your character grows up, many more activities will unlock. You can go as far as to even hire hitmen!

More Games

BitLife: Life Simulator is a unique game that has really mastered the text-based roleplay formula that provides replayability to players. You can go through it multiple times without having the same experience. There are games similar to it that you can try out as well like Avakin Life, The Sims Mobile, and Life is a Game.

How to Play

As you start off the game, you’ll pick a name, gender, country and your city. You’ll be all set to start your life in BitLife’s Life Simulator. Here are few key features that you need to know about. The ‘+’ green button at the bottom will take your life into the next year while accounting for all the decisions you’ve made during the previous year.

When you get to school, university, and your job, you’ll have a chance to interact with people and go into different activities for your character’s development. You could also turn out to be a conman and go to jail! Feel free to live life from any side of the spectrum you want.


BitLife’s minimalistic text-based gameplay gives it a lot of freedom to go in different directions when it comes to the story that players build around themselves. You’ll find it appealing considering you’ll have pretty much any option you can think of for your character. Your social circles, income and personalities are defined entirely by your choice with complete freedom and control over your traits.