G Switch 3

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 2/11/2023


G-Switch 3 is the third chapter in its long-running series where you’re controlling your player’s orientation on the map to avoid obstacles in the front. One wrong move, and you’ll either be thrown outside of the map or be slowed down to put outside of the frame. Either way, you have to prevent the game from ending by keeping up your momentum at all costs.


Level Design

The game offers a nice variety in level design as you run over tracks that will constantly curve along with obstacles in the path. You’ll have to change tracks as a part of the core game mechanic to avoid getting sliced by saws or to get thrown out of the frame or simply avoid any obstacles in your path.

Levels will become more increasingly complex as walls begin to get vertical, and moving forward, becomes even more of a difficult task than before.

One Button, One Life

To play the game, you’re going to be using only one button to change orientations along the level. You’ll have, on occasion, more than one opportunity to take the correct path. However, if you miss the window, you’ll have to restart from the most recent checkpoint.


It’s a pretty fun couch co-op game too! You can start it up and play with your friends. All of the other players will be assigned a different button on your keyboard, or throughout multiple controllers to give you the optimal experience. All of you will have to keep moving forward until only one of you remains in the frame.

Great Sound Design

Don’t play it on mute! There are some great sound effects and music that give company to the game’s simplicity. It’s satisfying, and encouraging and manages to give you a sense of speed that you’d hope for in this kind of game.

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How to Play

To play the game, all you have to do is press any key on your keyboard. Doing so, will flip the orientation of your character. You have to utilize this mechanic throughout all levels in order to stay alive.

While playing, you’ll run into checkpoints that will save your progress, preventing you from starting all over again and ultimately saving you from a huge headache. The game will continue to build on its momentum with more complex levels and obstacles.

As long as you can press the button at the right place, at the right time, you shouldn’t have too much problem playing through the initial levels.


G-Switch 3 builds on an extremely simple mechanic and makes it great with its unique level design, a co-op experience with friends, and great sound design. When it comes to the endless runner genre, G-Switch 3 has managed to make it more accessible, with a learning curve that’s easy to adapt to.