Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 2/18/2023


LOLBeans is yet another Fall Guys knockoff however it introduces much more complexity and longer maps. It’s slightly different in the sense that you’ll be running through obstacle courses in a race to finish first, competing against other players who have a goal to do the same. It’s not easy to complete all these in one go as they offer a fair bit of challenge, so make sure to watch your step!


14 Different Maps

LOLBeans offers players a total of 14 maps to play on, each offering a different set of obstacles that players must overcome. It’s extremely fun to master these different maps as they get progressively harder.

Once you start learning them, you can devise shortcuts to leave other players in the dust as you finish first. Although the movement is a bit wonky, it can be used to your advantage by building up momentum. Use traps meant to slow you down, to then push you forward!


You’re not playing against bots. You’re actually playing to compete with other players in the same lobby as you! All you have to do is finish an obstacle course before them, and you’ll be able to proceed to the next match.

More Games

Ever since Fall Guys piqued interest from just about everyone in the gaming community, players have been looking for games similar to it and while LOLBeans is an amazing alternative, you can try out other options like Stumble Guys, Oopstacles, Fall Dudes 3D and Octodad.

How to Play

You’ll be using W A S D to move your character around. You will also notice that there is a slight input lag from when you’ll press the key and when your character will actually move. Account for this at all times to avoid failing your jumps half the time.

Each map will present a different set of obstacles. Don’t worry as if you fail one, you’ll simply be respawned at the most recent checkpoint. All of the obstacles that you’ll face can easily be overcome with a bit of patience. However, if the players in your lobby are faster than you, then you are at risk of being eliminated.

To get over the skill curve of the game, all you need to do is master the different maps, and you’ll be beating everyone in no time!


LOLBeans is a fun take on the Fall Guys formula however it definitely is much harder to play with its different maps. The games aren’t simple to play, and often times, you’ll see that most players can’t even finish many of the maps so you’ll have plenty of time to experiment around.