Uno Online

Author: Danny Hodges
Date: 10/8/2022

Uno Online

Uno Online is a card game owned by Mattel but was developed by Merle Robbins. Since its release in 2009, this game has experienced many exciting updates, including its latest multiplayer option, where you can play against other players worldwide in real-time.

You can enjoy Uno Online with friends and family on our website for free. The rules are easy to learn, and kids can comfortably participate.

How To Play Uno Online?

Like most card games, Uno Online is a multiple-player game you can participate in with friends or other players online. You can enjoy this game with 2,3 or 4 other players.

The goal of the Uno Online is to be the first player with no cards left. Each player turns to play a card that matches the existing pile (by number or color). It goes on until there is no card left to play. To get a better chance of winning, block your opponent's cards with unique cars.

Here is a quick tip: remember to say uno or click on "1" when you are down to your last card; else, you will be penalized with two extra cards. In total, Uno Online has 108 cards that come in blue, green, red, and yellow. Uno has 19 suits consisting of cards numbered 0 to 9.

The Uno Online rules are simple and are determined mainly by special cards.

  • The skip card: prevents the next player from playing
  • Reverse: changes the direction of the play
  • Draw 2: causes the next player to lose a turn and pick two extra cards.
  • Draw 4: allows the player to change the color of the game and the next player to draw four cards while losing a turn.
  • Wild card: allows the player to decide on the next color to be played.