Life: The Game

Author: Kim Bush
Date: 10/10/2022

Life: The Game

Life: The Game is a fun video game that lets you play your way through different stages of Life. You are presented with a simple 2D interface and a guide that lets you know which goal to achieve in every step of Life.

After completing these tasks, you can go on to another level of Life. However, if you fail, you will get a sassy remark about how terrible your Life was, which many players have found as comic relief.

Life: The Game was created by Ohmaigawd and can be enjoyed on any P.C. and mobile browser. It is a highly interactive and stimulating one-player game featuring crazy music, funny comments, and fun activities. Start playing on our website for free.

How to play Life: The Game?

Life: The Game starts at birth, which is the beginning of all Life. It then goes on to different levels of Life, like you learn how to talk, puberty, dating, marriage, childbirth, midlife crisis, and staying healthy until it leads to death. You aim to successfully carry out the tasks required for your current level of Life to move to the next.

Each task in different levels of Life comes in the form of a mini-games, and the outcome determines how delightful or terrible your Life is.

The newest mini games updates in Life: The Game are:

  • Study session: you are to speedily do your homework by dragging the correct answers to their respective questions.
  • Bugger madness: you are to stack ingredients in the perfect order to make a delicious burger.
  • Travel Puzzles: in this mini-game, you are to arrange colorful puzzles to reveal the hidden photo.
  • Rainbow Melody: you are to repeat the sequence of notes on your xylophone as a form of memory test.