Sausage Flip

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 3/4/2023


Sausage Flip offers endless fun to its players with more than a thousand levels to play through. All you have to do is take your character (which is a sausage) from one end to the other without letting it fall down into the endless void. You’ll be getting into more complex levels as you progress further, however, the main concept of the game will still require you to efficiently throw yourself from point A to point B.


Multiple Levels

With Sausage Flip, you won’t get bored as each level is designed differently with multiple obstacles in mind. The first 20 levels are relatively easy to go through, with a flower, wooden boxes, and vines to use by your side. As you go further down the rabbit hole (nobody knows how many levels there are in the game by the way), the game gets harder with a longer distance and many more obstacles to overcome.


You’ll be rewarded for your playtime and accomplishments in the form of multiple skins. For some of these skins, you can simply watch a few video ads while the others require you to get up to different levels. The first one is unlocked at level 10, with subsequent ones being unlocked at 25, 50, 100, and 150. After all, you’re going to need the added style to your Sausage if you want to win with a bit of style.

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How to Play

When you start up Sausage Flip, you will be able to use your cursor to throw the Sausage in a specific direction. Keep in mind that you can either choose the top or the bottom to be thrown in whichever direction you like. Wherever you tap, is where the movement will begin from.

So, if you feel that you’ll have more momentum throwing yourself from the bottom, that’s where you’ll be clicking to create your next trajectory of motion.

You will often have to use wooden obstacles to stick to. If you don’t, you won’t be able to make it to the finish line of each level. There are also vines in certain maps that you can swing across, and flowers that you can use for support.

By using all of these obstacles in unison to your advantage, you will ultimately be able to finish every level in Sausage Flip.


The game is a physics-based ragdoll game in which you’ll be taking your Sausage from one point to the other. As far as we know, there’s literally no end to the levels in this game as players still haven’t finished it in its entirety.