The Impossible Quiz

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 3/20/2023


The Impossible Quiz has been around for a while and was first released back in 2004 with only 30 questions, to begin with. It’s a fun project made by a few friends that were featured on a website back then. The project was released with more questions being added to it time and time again, eventually reaching a grand total of 110 for you to go through in your free time.

There aren’t any in-depth gameplay elements to go over, as all you have to do is just select the right answer to move forward until the game eventually comes to its inevitable end.


Three Lives, No Checkpoints

While playing The Impossible Quiz, you might find the first few questions easy, they will get progressively harder. Here’s what you need to know. You only have three lives in total which allows you to make three mistakes throughout the course of the game.

If you manage to lose three of these lives at any point in the game, you will have to start all over again. It isn’t convenient, but that’s how it is.

Is it Easy? NOT!

Right off the bat, you’ll be presented with a few out-of-the-box questions which won’t be as hard as you think. To move to the next question, you’ll need to pick the correct answer. Although, keep in mind that sometimes the correct answer won’t be right in front of you, but instead in a more cleverly positioned place within the game’s window.

The game gets harder and harder with each question. The hardest question considered by the community is 102 with 37 being the easiest one.

The Levels are Diverse

It isn’t just selecting the correct answer, but as you dive further into the game, the trivia diversifies itself with different kinds of questions. For instance, you’ll be going through a maze, or finding a hidden prompt on your screen.

You might find it frustrating, but it’ll definitely tickle your curious bone enough to keep you coming back and trying again until you get all 110 answers right in one go.

More Games

If you like a brain teaser, then you might like games that are similar to the Impossible Quiz such as “Guess Who?”, “Time Quiz”, “Who is Lying?”, and “Math Trivia Live.” They work on the same concept that the Impossible Quiz does, and test your knowledge the way they know best.

How to Play

Playing The Impossible Quiz is simple at first, but gets more complex with the more questions you answer. In most cases, you’ll be presented with a question and four choices to pick from (sometimes more), that you can click on. Keep in mind that if you click on the wrong choice, you will lose one of your precious lives. You’ll have three in total before the game will end and you’ll have to start all over again from Question 1.

By picking the correct answer, you’ll be able to progress forward. The game will reward you with skips throughout your journey that you can use to skip any question you like (except the ones written in italics). But, you’re not actually supposed to use any of the skips you get as they’ll be required to actually finish the game.

Some questions won’t have straightforward answers, so be sure to read the questions more literally instead of trying to answer them with logic. Logic is going to absolutely fail you when it comes to playing the Impossible Quiz.


It’s a fun game to play but really has no replayability. Maybe you could even put it on at a party and see who makes it the furthest. If you haven’t tried it out, we reckon that you should and challenge yourself to see how far you can make it the first time with only three lives by your side!