Word Wipe

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 3/13/2023


Word Wipe is a game that revolves around a crossword puzzle that will be dynamically changing itself based on the words you’ll solve. Your word-spotting abilities will be put to test as you have to find where all the words are located by matching different letters together. Be careful though! You might sacrifice multiple words for the sake of just one.


Dynamic Levels

With each level in Word Wipe, you’ll essentially be changing it yourself by solving different words. As you spot words, make sure you’ve counted every possibility and are able to solve the longest words first as they will prove to be more beneficial. When a word is solved, all the subsequent letters above the solved word will fall down, ultimately changing the landscape and possibly ruining any other words that could be made in the previous iteration of the newly changed map.

Multiple Levels

As you clear outlines vertically and horizontally, if you can complete challenges within the given constraints, you’ll be able to progress to the next level. Each of them offers a new set of letters and a harder challenge than the previous one.

More Games

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How to Play

When you start the game, you’ll have 120 seconds to clear one line, either horizontally or vertically before the time runs out. Wherever you see the word, click on the starting letter and extend the square to cover all the letters and form a word.

Before you start any level, take a moment to observe the entire grid and see if any words are forming. This will give you a huge headstart before the timer even starts, and you can clear out multiple lines without having to waste too much time.

Reach the marked goal for each level to clear it out. Each challenge will get harder with less time available on the clock.

Try to spot three-letter words as often as you can, and clear them out as soon as you see them. Complexity does not mean more points. Certain 3-letter words actually offer way more scores compared to other ones.


It’s a fun game to play first thing in the morning as it can really get your brain up and running. Start off slow, and stick around until the game gets extremely fast-paced, that’s when you’ll really be working your brain out to reach the level’s defined goal.