Age of War

Author: Verna Newman
Date: 10/10/2022


Age of War

Age of war is an epic adventure game like no other. It lets you earn your way through different civilizations starting from the Stone Age as your XP increases.

This video game is all about survival, strategy, and honor. It was first released in 2007 as a Flash game by Louissi. Now you can play the

HTML 5 version of the game for free on our website. You only need a P.C web browser, no download, no flash.

Age of war is one of the pioneering defense-based games. It was widely received after its release hence the popularity of this genre of games.

How To Play Age of War?

Age of war is a game of defense. You are in continuous war and have to defend your base constantly. As you progress in the game, you earn XP to help you move to the next level of civilization. Once your base evolves, so does your enemy. You must find a new strategy to safeguard your ground and fight your opponents.

The game takes you through five different levels of civilizations. They are Stone Age, castle age, Renaissance age, Modern age, and Future period.

The war starts in Stone Age, where you have only bats, slings, and other crude weapons to fight against your enemies. As you evolve, your guns are updated to match the technology of your current civilization.

Throughout the game, you will are required to create units and turrets that are strong enough to resist your enemy's attack. While doing this, you also develop enough force to attack your opponent's base.

You can take advantage of unique attack options at your disposal when the enemy starts to overwhelm you. You can choose to order an artillery strike, rain rocks, and other unique defense modes.

Age of war is played only on P.C.; hence most actions are controlled by the mouse; got what it takes to defend an entire civilization? Click play to get started!