Stickman Hook

Author: Glen Lyons
Date: 10/10/2022

Stickman Hook

The France-based company, MadBox, developed Stickman Hook. It was created to test your skill and precision as you guide a colorful stickman to the finish line.

This cool web browser game can be enjoyed on a P.C or any mobile device. It is a single-player game featuring two game modes; classic mode and Challenge mode.

In the classic game mode, you will be required to complete over 100 different levels, with each level trickier than the previous.

On the other hand, challenge mode is for the skilled players as you are presented with 30 insanely tricky levels to complete. As you complete each level, you earn cool upgrades.

How To Play Stickman Hook?

Stickman Hook web game is a fun game that falls in the stickman genre. This kind of game usually features a vector figure known as the Stickman.

Like many HTML 5 games, the Stickman Hook presents a simple interface. You navigate the Stickman safely by connecting him to a hook and swinging in the direction of the finished line.

Here is one tip to help you stay on top of your game:

  • Not all hooks are useful! As you progress to certain levels, you’ll find more hooks than before. You don’t necessarily have to use it all; make sure the Stickman lands on the bounce pads safely and does not fall into the bottomless void.
  • Another tip to help you in this game is knowing when to let go. Once the Stickman is connected to the hook, ensure it is well positioned in the proper direction before letting go.
  • To play the Stickman Hook on P.C., hit space or left click to hold the figure before swinging.
  • Ready to enter a stickman adventure today? Click play to get started!