Drift Boss

Author: Pablo Todd
Date: 10/10/2022


Drift Boss

Drift Boss is a game of distance, concentration, and timing. Unleash the inner car race champion in you as you maneuver your cars through tight corners without falling off the zigzag racing platform.

Drift Boss was created by MarketJs and was released online on November 29, 2019. On our website, you can play this adventurous driving game on any P.C. and mobile device.

How to Play Drift Boss?

Drift Boss is unlike any other driving video game. It has a clear and simple interface, but it requires mad reflexes and attention to navigate through the sig zag road. You are related to making the perfect sharp turn left or right as the road demands. To survive these narrow roads successfully, you must drift at the ideal time.

As you progress in the game, ensure you collect coins to buy unique upgrades that give you a better edge in the game.

One of the exciting features of Drift Boss is its daily rewards, booster, and new tricks you can unlock as you go further in-game. Some of the boaters you should look out for are:

A double score booster costs about 25 coins, doubling your original score when activated.

Car insurance: at 50 coins, these boosters can remove any damage caused to your car during the game.

Coin Rush: you can get this booster at 75 coins. It increases the number of coins you find on the road because there are usually scanty.

Don’t forget to look out for your daily reward and other free prices at the spin-to-win pop-up.

Your car movement is controlled by the mouse or space button. For mobile users, swipe in the direction you want to go. Ready to show off your mad drifting skills? Press play to get started!