Subway Surfers

Author: Danny Hodges
Date: 10/8/2022


Subway Surfers Online

Subway Surfers is an endless runner game created for mobile devices by Kiloo and SYBO Games. It is a single-player video game that features a graffiti artist/surfer trying to escape a grumpy cop and his dog.

Subway Surfers launched on 24 May 2012 and has since then gathered many fans all over the world. It is a multi-platform game compatible with iOS, Android, iPads, Microsoft Windows, Kindle, MacOS, Harmony OS, Windows 10 mobile, and Windows Phone 8 devices. Although it was initially launched as application software, you can now play the HTML 5 version on our website for free without having to download it.

How To Play Subway Surfers Online?

Subway Surfers entails lots of running and surfing. It offers its players lots of amazing adventures, rewards, and challenges. During the game, you are required to dodge trains and trams while collecting coins and other unique items (e.g., keys, speed boasters, character tokens, mystery boxes, etc.).

You can choose to play Jake, the default character, or the 28 other Subway Surfers characters. Each character has unique abilities and different outfits and is unlocked at distinct prices.

You start playing Subway Surfers on our website by tapping the play icon and the runner to begin. The game starts with the main character making graffiti on a wall that attracts a police officer and his dog. The game starts slow but picks up pace as you progress. Dare to reach the highest Subway Surfers score today.

You can navigate the subway by swiping up, down, left, and right to avoid obstacles. Be careful not to stumble as it leads the grumpy officer back on your tail! Activate your surfing board with a double tap on the screen, as it also gives you extra protection. Click play to begin four endless surf.