Happy Wheels

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 4/12/2023


Happy Wheels is a physics-based obstacle course game where players control various characters, including a businessman in a Segway, a reckless father, his child on a bicycle, and a homeless man in a wheelchair. The game's goal is to navigate various obstacles and challenges while avoiding deadly traps and obstacles.

Happy Wheels is a popular obstacle course game first released in 2010. Developed by Jim Bonacci and Jason Schymick, the game has gained a massive play rate due to its unique gameplay, graphic violence, and funny ragdoll physics.

Happy Wheels' gameplay is both addictive and challenging. Players must navigate various levels while avoiding deadly traps, obstacles, and enemies. The game's physics engine adds an extra layer of complexity, as players must master the art of balance and momentum to progress through each level.

The graphics in Happy Wheels are simple yet effective. The game's levels are colourful and well-designed, with various obstacles and challenges. However, the game's main draw is its graphic violence and gore, which might be described as over-the-top.

Cool Features

Happy Wheels has several cool features that stand out from other obstacle course games. Here are a few:

  • A wide variety of characters to choose from, each with unique abilities and vehicles.
  • Dozens of challenging levels with increasing difficulty.
  • The ability to create and share custom levels with other players.
  • Replayability and high score tracking.
  • A level editor that allows players to create and share their levels.

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Tips on Playing Happy Wheels

  • Pay attention to the placement of obstacles and hazards: The first thing you need to do to succeed in Happy Wheels is to pay attention to the placement of obstacles and hazards. Some obstacles are easy to avoid, while others are hidden or require a specific strategy. You must take your time and analyze the layout of each level carefully.
  • Take your time and focus on balance and momentum: You must control your character's speed, direction, and balance while avoiding obstacles and hazards. It's essential to take your time and not rush through the game. You'll lose control and crash if you try to go too fast. Focus on maintaining a steady pace and using your momentum to overcome obstacles.
  • Use power-ups to your advantage: Happy Wheels has power-ups that can help you succeed. For example, the boost power-up can give you a burst of speed, the invincibility power-up can make you invulnerable to damage, and the slow-motion power-up can give you more time to react to obstacles.
  • Keep practising: Don't give up after a few failed attempts; use each game as a learning experience to help you do better next time.


Happy Wheels is a unique obstacle course game with which you're sure to have an engaging gameplay experience. The gore, the graphics, and the difficulty levels are among the features that will keep you fully captivated and into the game. Take Happy Wheels on a test drive today and log on to the game's website to get started.