Unblock It

Author: Bonnie Tyler
Date: 10/10/2022

Unblock It

Unblock It is a fun web puzzle game that requires you to think strategically to solve tricky jigsaw puzzles. MarketJS created it, and it is one of the most enjoyable puzzle games online.

It is a single-player game that features a puzzle with wooden blocks and a blue block. You aim to rearrange the wooden blocks so the coloured block can find a way out. Unblock It was developed not just to entertain you but also to rest your reasoning, memory and problem-solving abilities. If you love a good puzzle challenge, you will not be disappointed with this web game.

You can enjoy Unblock It free on any P.C. or mobile web browser.

How To Play Unblock It Online? 

The online puzzle game, Unblock It is distinct for its simple interface consisting of wooden blocks which you’d have to slide to move. The whole essence of the game is to unblock the path for the blue block.

You can play the Unblock It game in different modes based on your skill and mood, and they are: the relax mode, competition mode and timer mode.

The relax mode is meant to help you unwind as you play without the pressure of the timer or a specific number of moves. On the other hand, the competition and timer mode requires you to finish the puzzle within a limited time.

You can play each mode at different difficulty levels, depending on your experience. There are the easy, beginner, medium, hard and expert.

Here is a tip to help you in this puzzle game: always look out for free daily hints, as they can come in handy later on in the game. Unblock It also has an interactive hit system at each level; keep your eyes open for them.

Ready to show off your crazy puzzle skills? Hit play to get started!