Dino Run

Author: Josefina Myers
Date: 10/10/2022


Dino Run

Dino Run is a fun running game that features a dinosaur trying to survive going on extinct. Your goal is to make sure that this ancient specie gets to safety. Win awesome prizes as you go.

Dino Run is a P.C. web game that falls in the classic running game genre. It is the genius creation of Pixeljam and is the perfect video game to unleash the survivor in you. While running for your life, you must fight against evil dinosaurs who want to attack you. Your overall objective is to avoid extinction at all costs, and it may require you to ship over another animal on your path.

How to Play Dino Run Online?

You are tasked with preventing history from repeating itself in Dino's Run. Your job is to do all it takes to prevent the extinction of your dinosaur.

You can play this video game in two different modes (challenge mode and speed run mode) and four different difficulty levels. At the start of the game, you are introduced to the challenge mode, the default mode, and you unlock the speed run mode as you go on.

Every level of the game is more complex than the former, with the fight for survival more brutal. You will be presented with multiple paths as you try to outrun the doom wave.

Here are some tips to save you from extinction:

Look out for dinosaur eggs and bones in your path, as they can give you a hedge in the game.

You can get bones by eating critters or reaching a milestone. They are used to unlock the speed run mode.

Earn as much DNA as you can to upgrade your dinosaur's abilities. DNA is the currency used in Dino Run.

You earn DNA by collecting eggs and eating critters.

Ready to save your dinosaur buddy from extinction? Hit play to get started!